Lord Achyuta

Welcome to Shree Achyutaashrama’s blog!

This site contains blog posts from our Achyutaashrama Guru’s & Sadhaka’s which narrate about Achyuta yoga vidya (Japamu), explanation of Adithya Hrudayam shlokas, messages quoted by Lord Achyuta and Achyutaashrama guruji’s, diet requirements that helps Sadhaka’s to further progress in Japa, suggestions from senior Sadhaka’s to achieve higher levels in Japa and Sri Achyutaashrama’s Telugu publications.

Please use the menu located on top or left side of the site to navigate through various pages. We will be adding more Kannada and Telugu content as it becomes available.

For more details about Lord Achyuta’s yoga vidya, please visit our Achyutaashrama web site.

Invitation for 59th Jayanthi of our Lord Achyuta on 10th February 2017 at Virupapuragadda, near Hampi, Karnataka. Please treat it as personal invitation.

|| Aum Shaantihi ||